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Planning Permission for Extensions and Alterations

Under the Title Deeds of your property, if you want to extend or alter your property, you must get permission not only from the Council, but also from the Windmill Estate Maintenance Company. Although it is usually a formality, problems have been arising recently with solicitors and residents writing to this Company asking for retrospective planning permission.

In the event of permission not being applied for beforehand, problems arise in the sale of properties, since the buyers' solicitors would require confirmation that planning permission was granted by WEMC. In practice it is easier if a photocopy of a proposed extension plan is sent to the Company, together with local authority approval. This also has the effect of reducing the solicitor's bill and safeguards against delays in the sale of your property. If when you moved on to the estate you did not sign the Covenant please contact your solicitor as it is a legal requirement and may be very costly to correct at a future date, so please check.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What would happen if the company were disbanded?

A: A Liquidator would be sent in and the Company handed over to a professional firm, who would make charges of 400 or more a year per property for their services, so it is in your interest to support the committee, to come to the A.G.M. or become a member.

Q: Could the maintenance fee be reduced for pensioners?

A: The Company cannot differentiate; the fee is based on the freehold of each property.

Q: Is the Company successfully collecting the maintenance fee?

A: Yes, our solicitor takes action though the court against anyone not paying.

Q: Why are some fences repaired on the Estate and not others?

A: Only fences owned by the Company are repaired, these are the ones taken over from George White & Sons Ltd when they went into liquidation.

Q: Why does maintenance have to be paid for garage forecourts when some people do not own cars?

A: The maintenance fee is not for specific things but to keep the whole estate looking presentable.

By the way, have you ever wondered about the names of the roads on the Estate? George's Hill was named after George White, the others - well, the site of the Estate was once a farm and the story is that the roads were named after the farmer's cows!


The situation regarding parking on the Estate is quite bad, with cars poorly parked on the roads and pavements, thus making it difficult for use by the emergency services and public transport. It also restricts parents with prams and buggies. Your committee is unable to deal with complaints of this nature. We have consulted the police but we also need your support, so please write or call them if you have a problem. When parking your car please be considerate particularly with commercial vehicles as not only are they more likely to cause an obstruction they are not very pleasant to see.
Dog Fouling
Other problems
To prevent dog fouling becoming a problem on our greens we have provided dog waste bins for easy disposal, but we rely on dog owners to respect these areas and always to scoop the poop. These greens are for the use of our children and are not there as dog toilets. The greens have been designated as play areas in the Deed of Covenant, which are signed by all residents of the Windmill Estate. So please if you have dog don't forget to clean up after them.
WEMC receives complaints about obstructive parking, excessive noise, dangerous driving, abusive youngsters, vandalism and anti-social behaviour. We are a company that looks after the estate's maintenance and any of the above matters should be relayed to the Hazlemere Community Police Office. The telephone number for the local Police is 01494 715352. This is your estate and we all have to live together. We hope that adults, teenagers and children have respect for the estate and its residents so please consider others at all times.