Company Admin: Helen Brown - 15 Primrose Green/ Tel: 01494 257764


The original developer of the estate was local builder George White & Sons (Hazlemere) Ltd. In obtaining permission to build the estate he agreed to include communal greens for the benefit of the residents. Wycombe District Council (then known as the Rural District Council) had insufficient funds to include the additional maintenance cost of new housing developments in the area, so the developer had to agree to maintain; 3 acres of greens 1000 square yards of communal garage forecourt 1000 yards of footpath 150 yards of interwoven fencing. He passed the costs on to each house owner who, in purchasing the property, had agreed to enter into a covenant payment of 10 per annum (the annual subscription is now 55). If George White had not agreed to this method the properties would have been sold as leasehold with an annual ground rent or an estate Management Company would have been appointed with power to levy the fee. In 1966 the Residents Association became a limited company and took over the responsibility of the maintenance. To pay for the maintenance the Residents Association also obtained the right under the Covenant on each property to collect the annual charge; your solicitor would have got you to sign this before forwarding it to WEMC. So who is the Windmill Estate Maintenance Company Limited?

As it is a Company your elected representatives (the Committee) have the grand title of Directors. All are residents of the estate. There can be a maximum of 15 directors and a minimum of 2 at any one time. The officers of the Company are as follows: Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer and they are unpaid. The only paid servants are the Administrator who collects the annual charge from each property and carries out the day to day running of the Company and the estate handyman. The Directors meet once a month to discuss matters relating to the Estate and organise improvements. We have to have an Annual General Meeting when a report on the year's work is made and accounts presented. Windmill Parade is not the Company's responsibility: the shops and flats above are leasehold and have their own managing agent with responsibility for the area surrounding the shops. Over the years there have been constant complaints to the agents about the appearance of the area, but to no avail.